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Married to a farmer, Maura is 57 years old and is a hard worker. She is often looked to by other members of the group for leadership and guidance. She has a soft spot for people who need a little extra help or are struggling. Perhaps that is because she knows what it’s like to struggle and what it means to have the encouragement from someone; just as her husband encouraged her to study at a school where she learned to crochet and embroider. His support and her determination to learn crocheting has allowed her to earn money to buy the things needed for her house and also to buy the medicine she needs to take care of herself.

She has only one child out of four that still lives with her and her husband; her two oldest sons and her daughter have moved out. Her third son wants desperately to continue on with his education but the family doesn’t have the money. The additional income from Santa Rosa Stitches may one day help make his dream come true.

Maura likes to make crochet ear warmers. SRS means an opportunity to work and learn new things, as well as develop friendships with the other women.

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