years old
mother of

Ursula Cecilia Guerra Diaz is a quiet, hardworking 38 year old mother of three boys, ages 8, 15 and 19. Crocheting is a skill that she learned as a very young child by watching her mother, and her eagerness to learn new techniques is still just as strong. She is on the shy side wanting very little attention on herself and always works diligently to complete the projects she is assigned.

When asked how she feels about Santa Rosa Stitches, Ursula quietly explains; “I like to sell my things because I feel very happy when I have some money to buy food for my family. I thank God for the blessings that he has given me through Santa Rosa Stitches. It helps me complete my dreams and the dreams I’ve always had for my family.”

She likes to make bracelets. SRS has been a blessing for Ursula.

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