years old
mother of

Rosa is a married mother of a grown son and daughter. Her daughter lives in Chicago, Illinois with Rosa’s two grandsons, but she unfortunately does not see them often. Her son still lives with her and her husband and helps make ends meet.

At the age of 10 she saw a friend crocheting and it all started there. She eagerly learned how to crochet and with the encouragement of her mother was soon taking classes offered in her school to girls which taught embroidery, cross stitch and other skills that she now uses.

Her cheerful and outgoing personality uplifts those around her at the church where she administers to people in need through an organized charitable group.

She says of crocheting, “I like doing it because when I’m crocheting I forget all of my problems and illnesses. It helps with my stress.” She adds that being able to sell what she makes, "helps a lot with the bills in my house.”

Rosa enjoys making purses and washcloths. SRS means an opportunity to work and gain support from the other women.

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